SparkSwitch Pro - Futaba - DA35 - No RPM

  • Thanks again for your input.

    Just to be sure I understand. I have the ignition slot with Y cable attached. I have connected the lead with signal wire removed to that Y cable and to the ignition as before. See picture.

    To the Y that is shown in the picture, you said to run the signal wire from that to the Y that is connected to the ignition slot on the SparkSwitch (the RPM Sensor was previously plugged into that Y cable). Correct?

    The other question is do I only use the signal wire or does the signal wire need the ground also?

    Once I have these answers I will give it a try.


  • Richard,

    Do you have any thoughts of why this isn't working with the RPM Sensor?

    Do you know of anyone who has successfully used the RPM Sensor, Futuba, and DA engine? As Rudolf stated, he was successful with a DA70, but not using this particular RPM Sensor.

    Thank you,

  • Yes- I have some customers confirming that it works after extending the sensor cable.

    Maybe you can post us your cable connection on a board like Rudolf did. Maybe there is something wrong.

  • I don't think there is anything wrong, because everything else works (Current, voltage, capacity, temperature). The fact I'm getting telemetry says I've connected the telemetry correctly. The fact that the ignition shuts off and turns on to start the engine means the connection from the rx to SparkSwitch is correct. The battery is in the right place since I'm getting current and voltage displayed. And the light comes on (once I reversed the polarity) when the radio switch is in the right position. The ignition correction is correct because the engine runs. You confirmed that my description of my connection to the RPM Sensor is correct (connected to Y into ignition). That accounts for every connection.

    BUT.....I did have success using Rudolf's recommendation to remove the RPM Sensor and connect the signal wire from the halls sensor to ignition slot using a Y connector. Just for those who may be looking for help, I had to select rpm sensor not Speed Sensor as shown in Futaba instructions in this forum. Then I had to select the brushless motor option and set the poles to 2 (corresponding to blades on prop) to get the correct RPM reading. Happy to have it working on the DA35.

    I do appreciate everyone's help. I may incorporate it on the DA70 and DA120 in the future once I read that people are having success installing the RPM Sensor on DA with Futaba.

  • Hello,

    yes, it always is better to use directly the signal from the engine, instead of other electronics. In your case, if DA35 has a clear digital signal from the hall sensor, do not need to include between SparkSwitch Pro and engine any other element.

    In the case of DA 70 and 120, as you mentioned, it is working properly with RPM Pickup, as I described in the previous post.

    Have fun :-)



  • Papatrey I forgot to announce when you will start with DA70 or higher DA engine, then please let me know, I will be happy to support you. I'm using DA70 with SparkSwitch Pro and RPM Pickup, and can share details on how to get RPM smoothly :-)