mercury SRS update problem

  • Hi,

    Today I tried to update my Mercury SRS terminal, it was connected via Bluecomm. The update process started but when it was at 46% it just stopped there. display is no longer showing information. It has been like that for hours.

    Help please

  • Please use Rescue mode and let me know the result. Only power up Mercury, connect BlueCom, start App, based on version, if android then go to rescue mode, if iOS then go to PowerBox systems, long press to mercury image and confirm rescue.

  • Hello Rudolf, I have used my wife's i phone now and all updates were carried out without any problems:)With my own android device I had this problem, see above. In the futher I will use my android, I think I must reset my bluecom adapter in delivery status. What can you advise ?

  • oh, understood, it's quite simple. Remove the BlueCom adapter from paired list of Bluetooth devices in your phone, maybe you have more than one BlueCom device in the list, it's usual Android issue :-) and then run App again and pair the BlueCom again. And voila, all is working :-)



  • Hi Rudolf, unfortunately it doesn't work. I had adapter several times disconnected and reconnected at android, after start APP and search bluecomm adapter I get the message " Connected with IOS part of blue comm adapter" for my understood it must come the message "connected with android part of adapter?" As You know it works without any problem with i-phone device.

  • no, if you're using BLE BlueCom adapter, not Android BlueCom adapter, then Android App is informing you, that you're using iOS type of adapter. It's correct.

    And if App raised that message, then looks App is connected, but important is, that you will have also blue icon in App. If the blue icon is visible, that App is paired, bonded, connected to BlueCom - NOT TO DEVICE! After successful connection you should choose the device and connect it. Device will be connected only if App is connected - Blue icon.

    PowerBox distributed two types of BlueCom in the past. Now is distributing only BLE device without any label on the BlueCom. In the past were two labels - Android and iOS. Now is only one unified label BlueCom.

    as you can see on the pic, first two BlueCom units are 'old', and third is the new one. But the 1st and 3rd devices are the same - BLE Bluetooth devices. The middle one - old Android device is now obsolete, fully functional, but you can't order it on PB shop. Now are using only new BLE devices.

    It's one year back, when we prepared Android App for new BLE devices and is able to recognise which one is connected. Therefore, in case when you connect the BLE unit, then App is responding with the message iOS type of device connected.

    But seems, we will remove this message, because now, when no label iOS exists, only BlueCom label is printed on the unit, this message is confusing users. In next version we will remove it :-)

  • Hi Rudolf, many thanks for your quick and realy extensive explanation!! I use the BLE adapter and also blue icon is visible but when I select Mercury symbol the name Mercury appears for a short time, then the name disappears again and nothing happens anymore, all tryouts, off, on, restart, no result respectively

    I can't get into the menu with my android ....:(:(

  • unfortunately I do not have Huawei here, but tomorrow I will able test it on your type of phone, to test if something exists with dependency to this type. Normally on all Android 10 phones / tablets BLE is working smoothly. Sorry for the delay, but on Sunday evening really can't have this device.

    Tomorrow will let you know.

  • Many thanks that is absolutly Ok and sorry for the lot of questions from me on Sunday evening! For your Info, now I was comming in the menu and could start update, after this the App shows "Vorbereiten/ prepare" and oled sreen shows -Bluecomm Controll- nothsing more happened, on this point with i-Phone, I had see for short time "prepare" on App (i-phone) and the oled screen changed to a black sreen and update was starting.

  • Hi Jetwolf,

    finally, I have two Huawei phones, P30lite as well.

    In default configuration after initialization of both phones, I was able to normally connect, without issues. Afterward, I added Bluetooth speaker, connected the phone to TV, updated OS with the latest Android 10 patch. Humm, problems started. I was able to connect BlueCom after 6 attempts, but the connection was broken when changing layouts from PowerBox systems to the iGyro category.

    The similar problem we have with Xiaomi, the latest version of Android.

    Analyzing where is the issue and we will release a patch to the Android version. The same issue is for the BLE and Bluetooth version (iOS/Android) version of BlueCom.

    Somewhere in this version of Android is a problem, we found a lot of articles in different forums about this issue, with connections to car entertainment systems, headsets, .....

    And I forgot, when returning the phone to default settings, all is working again, but with back to default all settings were lost. It is not a good idea.

    Will inform you soon, on it.