9D failure

  • Just before Xmas I purchased my Core plus extra receivers.

    I had installed a 9D along with an 8E on my new jet.

    At this point I have not flown any of my Core gear as the jet was to be the first project for the Core.

    Being a cautious flier I decided to take it to the field for turbine tests and taxi tests.

    Initially all went well.

    I was about to resume taxi tests when controls started to jump severly and lock up.

    The telemetry rx voltage was jumping on the 9D Core display. the led on the 9D was flashing off, red, green.

    The 8E remained ok, controls connected to the 8E remained fully functional.

    It was a warm day with sun at about 28 degrees.

    The receiver was very warm to the touch..

    Returned to the workshop... all went well as normal.

    Using a lamp as a heat source I found that within a few minutes the 9D once again failed.

    It appears this 9D is heat sensitive.

    I was able to swap it out for another 9D i had here..all OK... re ran the heat test all good.

    It would apoear that this brand new 9D has a heat related fault..

    sadly, although under warranty, the cost to ship it to Germany and freight back is prohibitive.

    It would probably be more cost effective to buy another 9D.

    I hope this is an isolated case, it would certainly have killed my new jet.

    I still have faith in PB equipment and accept faults can occur with anything.. warranty is just the price one has to pay for living on the other side of the world.

    Not complaining, just sharing in case others have similar experiences.

    As usual test well before you fly.. I got lucky this time.. fault observed before flight !!!

  • Hello,

    where are you from? Would be good to have the receiver here to analyse what part failed - an airmail letter will take two weeks but it´s only 5-6$.

    As a 1st step: Pls send me a private message with address and phone number, so we can ship a new receiver.