Update Champion SRS

  • Richard the powerbox is less than 2 years old. It has not flown much and has not been in a n accident.

    I have done the following :

    Uninstalled and reinstalled the terminal programme on my computer. This did not help.

    Took a new Champion powerbox and did the update to version 8 with no problem.

    I then when back to the first powerbox Champion still did the same, froze after pushing update tried it both on online and select a file with no success.

    I changed the connection between the powebox and the computer still no success.
    I notice I find that I now cannot see the powerbox in the terminal programe. This is nothing to do with the cord between the powerbox unless both cords are faulty.

    To me it appears that I must send it in to you for repair, unless you have any ideas to pass onto me that I may try.

    Kind regards