Connet POWERBOX BASELOG futaba Receiver no more chanel port

  • good morning,

    I have a BASELOG POWER BOX to be connected to a Futaba R7008SB FASSTest receiver or alternatively to a Futaba R3008SB T-FHSS.

    I have to connect 7 Standard digital high torque servos 4,8-6 volts (including throttle servo gas enginr) plus gas engine ignition (from kill switch).

    The question is the following: how should I connect the POWERBOX to the receiver?

    To be more precise, I can connect one output of the POWER BOX with a Y cable that connects the gas engine Electronic Ignition and the other end of the Y cable on port 7 / B of the receiver, and the second output of the POWER BOX on the port S.BUS2 of the Futaba receiver?

    This is because I only have 8 non-S.BUS channels on the receiver and having 7 servos + gas engine ignition from kill switch, I wouldn't have enough ports on the receiver to connect the 2 outputs of the POWER BOX Base LOG.

    Thank you

  • Hi,

    I do not have the Base-Log, but a Gemini II connected via two Y-cables to the receiver to the servo-ports (PWM) . On the other end of the Y-cable I have a servo plugged in. This works good. I don' t know if it worked to connect Your Base-Log to the tele-port.