Problems with Futaba Igyro SRS install

  • I have an existing airframe that was working on an Futaba Sbus installation. I am using Non Sbus servos and are transforming them to the Sbus system with SBD-1's. The wings have two servos per control surface.

    When working with this install it works fine with a

    - single rudder servo plugged into the SBD-1 then into the rudder input of the Igyro SRS

    - two elevator servos plugged into another SBD-1 then into the elevator input of the Igyro SRS.

    Now when I plug the one wing 1/2 with two ailerons into another SBD-1 then into either port Aileron input A or B no aileron control. When I disconnect one of these ailerons from the SBD-1 and to direct into the Igyro Aileron input, then change the setting on the Igyro to Dig out off I get aileron control, but no rudder or elevator control. Also if I power the Igyro down and power back up again, it resets back to Dig out to on again.

    Can understand if the servos on the SBD-1's will not work on the Ailerons, but does work on the elevators on the SBD-1, I don't understand?

    Anyways Richard what is my work around here. Will only Sbus servos work with two servos per aileron? If so where does the second aileron get plugged into? Is there another setting I should be using on the Igyro to make this installation work?



  • Hello,

    only Elevator-B and Rudder are S.BUS outputs when the Digital output is turned on!

    You need a Y-harness from Elevator-B or Rudder to the thirs S.BUS outptut. But take care not to exceed power for this single JR pins!

  • Hi Richard

    Thanks for your response. This aircraft as I said was existing and has many years and many flights on it. It was my first attempt at using a full SB system, excluding SB servos, hence the use of SBD-1s. In using the conventional SBUS wiring system of using hubs and a single output from the SBUS1 port of the 7008 receiver, all has worked fine so far. As opposed to other installations with SBUS I have used Royals, Mercurys and a Champion all SRS, this only used the Futaba wiring components of said hubs of three and four outputs.

    Servos that are used in this installation are 4-8511's for ailerons- 2- 8611A's for elevators and a single 8711 for rudder. Any other servos for throttle are plugged in direct to the receiver. Again these were installed all under the single-multiwire system of the SBUS cables. So if your saying I can put back my two-4 output hubs and have one routed to elevator B and one to Rudder on the Igyro, this really shouldn't change the power requirements of what I was doing before, correct?

    So then in the programing of the I gyro, I still will only pick up one half of the wing for aileron A with one servi and the other half on aileron B on another. Because in the transmitter there are 4 channels allocated for ailerons, will the two channels that are not allocated in the Igyro, just follow along with the gyro corrections because they assigned in the transmitter, or do they still need to be inputted into the Igyro programing, if so how?

    Thanks again for your assistance.


  • Hello,

    all channels are on Elevator B and Rudder - it´s a BUS! Even Aileron A +B.

    If you connect 4x Hub to the igyro outputs Elev-B and Rudder itßs only 2 small JR connectors for a lot of servos. You should have another powersupply to the bus wires

  • Yes Richard one thing that I neglected to say was that I do run dual battery packs. One battery goes directly to the receiver and the other one is connected two one of the 4 output hubs. Being a true proponent of battery management systems as I have told you of your various units I own, this installation does not give me a true backer or isolated system as one of the Power box units have. Totally agree with that but short of that it does give me a multiple sources of power though more than a single power supply would.



  • Ok so I thought I was on the right direction. But I guess not.

    Had the servos of one wing half for the ailerons with 2- Jr 8511's plugged into the SBD-1 which is plugged into the 4 port hub that is plugged into the elevator output B of the Igyro. Same thing on the other wing half 2- Jr 8511's plugged into another SBD-1 which is plugged into the same 4 port hub as the other wing half which goes into the elevator output B of the Igyro.

    My 8711 rudder servo is plugged into another SBD-1 that is plugged into a different 4 port hub that is plugged into the rudder output of the Igyro. Into this same 4 port hub I have the two Jr 8611A's of the split elevators, plugged into another SBD-1 which again is in to the same 4 port hub as the rudder.

    So at this point all control functions seem to working properly, ailerons, rudder and elevators all working properly. I use the set up wizard and teach the settings of the Igyro, the switches the radio sticks and again everything seems to work all right. When I go to confirm the directions of the gyro inputs by moving the airframe into different attitudes, it doesn't seem that all the confirmations are working properly, as the right ailerons seem to correct when you dip the wing to the one side but not the other.

    Then a real weird thing seems to happen when I check the elevators and have the nose heading down, the elevators seem to go up, but when I point the nose up the elevators don't seem to point down and the one aileron servo seems to want to push down when that axis is not even being turned.

    When confirming the rudder directions with the gyro inputs this seemed to work fine. Just the ailerons and elevators have the funny things happening. This is where I wonder if when there is more than two servos plugged into the same SBD-1, is giving the Igyro the problems that I am having with it. The SBD-1 that the rudder is plugged into has only the one rudder servo plugged into it.

    I think that there is still something wrong with this set up that I am not understanding.

    Richard you said a few posts before, that the only serial output should be able to get, was out of rudder and elevator B. And that is true the only place I get any servos to work is out of these two ports. Why shouldn't I be able to use the other ports. What am I doing wrong why can't I get any or the other 3 outputs to work. If I turn the Dig output to off I thought that this would be for NON Sub servos, but I get nothing to work out of any of the outputs if I turn this off, even if I experiment with other spare NON Sbus servos.

    Maybe this unit is not working properly. Can I not use the Igyro SRS stand alone with out having to use any of the other power box units such as the Royal, Mercury or Champion to make it work with as an Sbus system. I don't think it was intended that way was it. I do see other installations that work on the forum, working with a Power box unit, but why. If I was going to do this I would just use the gyro that is internal to the Royal or the Mercury and forget about using the Igyro SRS.

    Could you please step me through all my connections and programing, I must be doing something wrong. Have lots of your equipment and have never had this much trouble getting it working. It's always been very good. Are the SBD-1s causing a problem in this. Have you had another customer that has had installation similar to mine with the multiple servos per aileron and using the SBD-1's. Is the only way of making this work is just with a Sbus servos.

    Please help.



  • Hello,

    again: S.BUS is only Elevator-B and Rudder. So if your complete plane is made with S.BUS you have to connect all hubs to this two outputs.

    I guess you didn´t set the adresses correctly in the servos!

  • I have an all Futaba Sbus installation except for the servos. I am using all non Sbus JR servos. They are all connected to the Futaba SBD-1 decoders. Are these do you think presenting the problem for the Igyro to understand.

  • The decoders have been set to the original servo setup all the time. No changes there. The decoders are independent from the receivers or anything else that you plug them into. I think that this is first time Power Box has run into this type of installation with the decoders and it's beginning to look like the Igyro SRS should either be using all true Sbus servos with no decoders or use the Igryo 3E for installation of non Sbus servos.

  • Hello,

    no - it works with your setup but of course you have to setup the adresses correctly!


    Aileron-A : 1

    Aileron-B : 5

    Elevator-A: 2

    Elevator-A: 4

    Rudder: 5

    Now you have to set the adresses from the decoder to Adress 1 for all servos which should run as Aileron-A, all Aileron-B servo outputs on the decoder to 5

    and so on....

  • Ok that will be different programming then what I do have in them now. They are all channelled to different channels. I will give that a try in a couple of days to let you know how it worked.