PBR Rx suggestion for use with Mercury SRS

  • Good Morning,

    I am a new CORE pilot, and I'm in the process of converting all my aircraft over to CORE from Futaba. With most of my Futaba-based aircraft, I have been using their R7008SB Rx's (Single) with the iGyro3 for the smaller, simpler aircraft, or Dual R7008SB's with the Mercury SRS for more complex and expensive setups. I have a 4 engine, gas powered Bomber project coming up, which has 22 servos and will require 20 channels to operate. I plan to use the Mercury SRS in conjunction with either the PBR-7S, or PBR-9D, or the PBR-26D RX's in a Dual Rx configuration.

    Given the above plans, what would you suggest for receivers that would give me the best performance & success? I do like the feature of dual receiver circuits in either the PBR-9D or the PBR-26D Rx's, so I probably will go in that direction. Is there a wiring schematic or photograph available that would show the best way to set up the wiring? I also plan to use the built-in iGyro in the Mercury along with a GPS II.


  • Hi,

    what I would do with the given specs:

    - 2x PBR9D for redundancy via P²Bus (always carries all 26 channels) as an input for the Mercury; put all important servos on the Mercury, i.e. also for Gyro-correction

    - put all the AUX functions with minor security demands (servos and other control gear) on the pin headers/ports of the 9D´s (use channel shifting feature if needed)

    - use greater AWG between Mercury and the PBR´s if you intend to power higher currents via the PBR´s headers, maybe servos and so on...

    - put all additional P² Bus telemetry sensors/devices only on one of the two PBR9´s P²Bus port (which also connect to the Mercury)

    hope that helps


  • I like the suggestion, has a lot of merit. I wasn’t aware that you could use the PWM ports in addition to the serial bus port into the Mercury. I thought it was “ either / or”.

    I mocked up the Mercury (updated to V.10) to a PBR-9D via the bus, but couldn’t get a connection. I had a servo on Port A to simulate an Aileron servo, but couldn’t get it to move. Any ideas here?

  • I will have to go back and check my my settings. I believe I had the Mercury Tx input set to S-Bus, and the Mercury Output was Port A mapped to port A1 on the PBR-26D.

    Did not get any movement of the servo.