GPS II updating

  • I have looked through the forum threads and cannot see an answer to my inquiry.

    I need to change my GPS II to work with my CORE P2BUS. I can change this using Powerbox Terminal and your USB interface cable. You mention that Jeti and Multiplex adapters have been used successfully. I have a Weatronic adapter (WEA37748), has this been tried? I don't want to just try it as it may damage my new GPS II.:/

  • I now have the PowerBox systems USB adapter and GPS II now updated and changed to CORE. Widgets set up and working fine with PBR -7S. Need to read further to see if height can be changed to feet and km/hr to miles per hour..........:)

  • I have now flown with the GPSII set to imperial and height seems to underread, labels on widgets show mph and feet. Reset to metric and scanned sensors and show kmh and m, seems correct. Reset to imperial, re scanned sensors.and height, widget label shows "feet" but figures tend to indicate metres. Have you come across this problem before? Core is still at 1.65. I can't tell if speed is in kph still but suspect it is in mph as speed downwind after a dive was 105mph. Model is a 30e SebArt Sebach.

  • When I change to imperial the widget labels show "mph" and "feet", when I change to metric the labels show "kmh" and "m". I did a rescan after changing, both for speed and height. I think the metric height is correct as I have had altimeters in my models before and the visual aspect is similar when at 100m. It is not a show stopper just an observation as I may be doing something wrong. I could set up "distance from Tx" as a widget and measure the ground distance when model at one end of runway with Tx at other, will do this and report back. I am very impressed with your speed of response, thanks

  • I have done some more checks as follows: Set height to metric, height widget showed "m", rescanned sensors moved model to other end of garden (7m height difference), height change of 7m registered. Set height to imperial, height widget showed "ft", restarted CORE, rescanned sensors, moved model through same height change and the height was shown as 7 feet. I have also set a 2D measure which in my garden will be difficult to check, will do so at our runway which is 100m long. Will report back, too windy to go to our airfield today. Tx software is 1.85 and PBR -7S updated to 2.5. Why do we English love our imperial measure? It always strikes me as strange that aviation tends to work in feet and knots.........:???:

  • Yes, the values are shown correctly but the figures calculated seem to indicate that metres are shown in both instances. Will bear in mind the drift and do more checks. I will compare the height recorded at the same 2D distance at twice the height of a tall tree near our runway.

  • I have now done some more practical tests. In each case when changing units I shut down the the Rx and CORE. Rebooted the Tx by turning off and on. Turned on Rx and rescanned sensors. I waited until the GPS light was steady green.

    1. Taxi 80m along strip, 2D distance showed 0.07km (pretty close). Changed to imperial and repeated the 80m taxi, 2D distance showed 0.07miles (should be 0.049 miles).

    2, Trial flight over a tall tree about twice height, 2D distance about 100m. Height shown at 47m (about right for twice the height of a big Oak). Changed to imperial and at twice the height of the tall tree readout showed 42ft.

    The conditions got worse so I was not able to check speed, will do that on next visit to our flying site.