GPS II with Igyro3E

  • Hi I am thinking of purchasing a GPS II sensor tor a 3D model

    I only need it for ajusting the gain for different speeds in flight

    I have read through the instructions and it only seems to mention telemetry which I dont need

    Where is the information for setting up the GPS II with the Igro3E for automatic gain ajustment in flight ?

    Are there any videos on the subject ?

    Many Thanks

  • To use this feature connected to the MISC input; the GPS unit must be set to PowerBox/iGyro. Gain regulation is fully automatic, but please remember that the GPS must be plugged in when you adjust gain in flight.

    Airspeed factor: This value defines the progression of gyro gain as airspeed changes. The setting only has a function if the GPS II is plugged into the gyro’s MISC socket.Increase the airspeed factor if the model displays good gyro performance at low and medium speed, but tends to oscillate at high speed.

  • Hi Thanks for your reply.

    Looking at the GPS II instructions it does not mention an "Airspeed Factor" option, only "Speed 3D" and "Speed 3D Max"

    When I set the GPS II to Powerbox/Igyro and adjust the "airspeed factor" does the GPS II also have to be plugged in to my IGyro3E at the same time.

    If so then I guess I would need to use a Y lead so I can connect the BlueCom adaptor at the same time

    Thanks again

  • The IGyro 3e did not initially have this option of adjusting the speed via GPS. This was then only added as an additional feature. Therefore, there is not really anything to be found in the instructions.

  • stevew: Not needed to use Y cable, GPS is plugged into MISC port, not to the USB port, USB port is free for connecting of BlueCom and checking gain.

    GPSII + 3xtra is a great combination, based on the speed is gain adjusting and mainly at low speeds, it is really significant


  • Hello,

    I think you guys are talking from different things:

    -iGyro connected to the iGyro gives you a speed compensation for the Gyro. The Airspeedfactor is set in the gyro- not in the GPS

    - The Gps connected to the iGyro doesn´t give you any telemetry.

    - If you want GPS telemetry you would need another GPS connected to your receiver

    - Only Mercury and Royal have the feature of gyro compensation + telemetry!