PB Core v20.03 issue

  • Just updated my PB Royal online to V20.03

    The P2-BUS/S.BUS option in the TX-SYSTEM settings of the PB Royal has disappeared. No telemetry from PB Royal as a result.

    A friend updated his Royal 48hrs ago and has v20.07!!!!!!

    Can you help

  • yep...thats me V20.07. same terminal version as Tim same windows 10 yet Tim only gets V20.03 and I have V20.07 with P2BUS SBUS option and working!..even after his terminal searches online for updates....both our ROYAL SRS show version 0.2.0 on the terminal when connected?

    any ideas?

  • Hello Richard,

    I took your advice in the Mercury forum, and changed over to setting up an older Royal SRS (2016, V 1.3) which I had in inventory and upgraded it today to V20.03. The only way I'm able to get it to function at all is in S-Bus compatibility mode, in which I can only get 18 channels. I am not able to access all 26 channels on my dual PBR-9D's and the input channel mapping will only show a flickering 17 or 18.

    I I understand what I have been reading elsewhere in this forum, the only way I can get full P2Bus compatibility and all 26 channels out of the PBR-9D, is to send the Royal SRS in to the factory, or PowerBox Americas for a factory upgrade. Is this a correct understanding?

    Thanks ~Bob