Older style 2800mah battery replacement?

  • Hi Guys

    I have 2 older style 2800mah batteries in my Tucano and generally still seem good except one shows higher draw than the other when exercising servos etc. Do you still have the replacement service running for these you had before running where you checked and replaced the cells?

    They are 4 years old now I guess but not had that much use during that time.



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  • Hello,

    you can simply check them: Charge them up witht the normal charger. Then discharge them at the MPX connector with a LiPo charger. You should get at least 75% capacity out.

    We cannot replace the cells at this type anymore as this cells had been discontioued two yars ago.

  • Hi Richard,

    Thanks and yes I do get about that out of both of them, the issue is that with one of them the Red LED starts to come on (well on and off depending on load) when just over 1/3 discharged. It’s fine if only slow movements of servos, but as soon as you start moving all quickly, the one red light start to go on and off - hope that makes sense. It’s like the battery can’t take the load anymore.

    I feel I’ll have to replace them.



  • Is there some other electronics near the batteries? I ask that because the charge status electronic in the battery is very high ohmic so it doesn´t draw much standby current. But this makes it sensititv to current or voltage spikes close to the electronic.

    So better use the voltage status from the PowerBox which is more precise

  • Hi Richard,

    This setup has been the same since I built the model 4 years ago now and only very recently had this issue.

    Its battery related as if I swap the batteries over (A-B or B-A the issue is on the corresponding side.

    If I use my new batteries from my Marchetti then all is good :-)

    Top pic shows 2 good batteries and the lower one shows the older ones - you can see the difference in draw.

    Time to replace them I think.