GPS II use for both PBR Telemetry & iGyro Speed Correction

  • I'm now using a GPS II with Both a Mercury system and a Royal SRS system to provide iGyro speed compensation for the internal Gyro (works great!). I have also tried using a 2nd GPS II with a PBR-9D to provide Speed & Height data to the widgets on a CORE Tx (also works great!). My question is this: Do I have use 2 GPS II's to provide this type of functionality (given that the PBR GPS II plugs into a "Y" attached to the P2Bus on the Rx and the "Tele" port on the PowerBox system, and the GPS II for speed compensation plugs into the "GPS" port on the system that I'm using). OR... Can I achieve the same functionality using only 1 GPS II? If so, is a "Y" required, and how is the wiring laid out?

    Thanks ~Bob.

  • That is good to know, Richard. Saves on GPS costs... So if I understand this correctly, The GPS II is connected to the normal "GPS" port on the Royal or the Mercury, with a connection from the PBR to the Rx1 or Rx2 port on the Royal or the Mercury using a "Y" adapter to the "Tele" port. Is this how it should be hooked up?

    Thanks, ~Bob

  • Thank you Richard. I have seen these photos before and connected my twp Rx's in this manner using a Y-harness. By plugging in a GPS II to the "GPS" port, I get speed compensation to the internal iGyro, as well as telemetry to the Rx's. Correct?

  • Hello,

    1. This setup will not work because the Champion doesn´t select RX1 as a master - both receivers have the same priority. So it will happen that the gyro doesn´t work because the Champion has RX2 selected

    2. The GPS has to be set to P²-BUS first if you wan to connect it to the receiver directly

    This setup will work if you connect only one receiver

  • Hello

    I want to use the following


    SRS Expander set to P2bus


    Igyro 3e set to P2bus


    If I want to pick up the GPS info on my core and use the GPS on the IGyro 3e is this possible and how should they be connected ?

    Thank you


  • Hello,

    the iGyro3e has no bus input - only regular PWM. So you can connect it between PowerExpander and servos.

    The better solution will be to use a iGyro Sat on the PBR26 then into the PowerExpander - as Pigna recommended.

    If you already have the iGyro 3xtra - you can use it of course

  • Question: What should the GPS II be set to, if used with dual PBR-9D's and an iGyro3e? Should the GPS II be "Y'd" between the iGyro3e and one of the PBR-9D's to provide both GPS speed/position data and yet still provide speed compensation to the iGyro3e?

  • Hello,

    that doesn´t work: the Telemtry from the receivers works with P²-BUS where the receiver is the "Master".

    The iGyro speed compensation works with a simple protocoll whre the iGyro3e is the master.

    So if you want speed compensation + telemtry you need 2x GPS.

    The Mercury, Pioneer or Royal offers both with one GPS

  • Hi Richard

    Can I connect one GPS II to iGyro srs and a Futaba RX at the same time ?

    I need to use it for srs gyro to control the gain and need to see the speed on the TX telemetry . is it possible ?

    Thank you

  • Hello,

    unfortunaetly that doesn´t work. The iGyro is a master on the bus which is requesting data from the GPS. No second master (receiver) can do that parallel. Also this two bus systems are different.

    Only the Pioneer, Mercury and Royal SRS can do that.