Cortex Pro

  • Hi-

    I am really struggling here. I have the Mercury SRS, and I am trying to use a Cortex Pro. I was able to setup the Cortex the "wrong" way, and I would like to do it the correct way. The "wrong" way was using the cable loom, and connecting the servos to the cortex, and not the powerbox.

    I have 2, 26ch recievers, the RED Fast Track/Data is connected to the 1&2 ports on the Cortex, and then I have ports 5&6 on the cortex going to RX1 and RX2 on the Mercury SRS.

    In the Core transmitter, I switched it to Sbus (as described in a forum), and I also went into tx settings on the Mercury SRS and switched to Sbus.

    It appears I am still missing something, and the servos don't move at all, and I have almost no telemetry such as batt voltage... Can you please help me?


  • Hallo,

    you can do following test: Go from the receivers (S.BUS) to the Mercury (set to S.BUS). If this works, the Cortex has no guilty S.BUS out signal. I´m not 100% sure, but I was told by another customer a while ago that this gyro S.BUS out doesn´t work correctly- but don´t nail me in that - maybe it´s already fixed. Bavarion Demon may give you a correct information

  • Thank you Richard.

    I did the test as you suggested, and the system worked fine. I attempted to get the Cortex working again, and this time it did!

    So now I have the Cortex Demon functioning just fine. However, I do not have telemetry. I see only the 2 recievers and Core... I have a wire running from the P2bus port on the RX to the "tele" port on the Mercury, It doesn't seem to do anything. Do you have any suggestions?


  • Hello,

    this doesn´t work in that case: The Mercury gets a S.BUS signal and is set to Futaba, so it doesn´t come out with Core telemetry. It give out Futaba telemetry.

    Gyro or telemetry in that case. Both is not possible, sorry.

    The Mercury has a very good gyro system integrated - no need for the Cortex...