Door Sequencer

  • Hi I am using this in a jet that has VT. I am using the Normal VT set up.

    I am using an electron gear set up with thier control unit.

    Is there a way to turn off the Door Sequencer to open the channel slots on the Mercury. Should I keep the door sequencer on when using the better electron control unit?

    I can not get rid of it for some reason. Maybe i am missing something.


  • A little disappointing that the Powerbox does not offer this capability outside of the set programming.

    Just have it that you can shut off the Door Sequencer in the programming to open up channels.

    It would be great to have VT in the normal settings.

    Any idea what mix you would use for Futaba 18 mz.

  • Hello,

    we cannot make premade options for all customers- you know that every pilot wants special settings. There is no "This is the right way" in our hobby.

    If you want to be flexible with your vector settings just do the mix with your radio using a mixer or the flightmode settings in the radio

    If you did use the Sequencer assistant the doorsequencer outputs can be used for anything. But even if you used the sequecer assistant you can use all unused door outputs also for any other function

    You can find some hints here: iGyro/Royal SRS Setup für Vektorsteuerung