Sensor Switch stuck won't switch off

  • I have a Powerbox Sensor switch which seems to be stuck in "on" mode and won't disconnect

    If I press and hold the set button, the middle LED comes on for 5 seconds, then goes out for 20 seconds, then back on for 5 seconds, and this cyle repeats

    Both green LEDs for the batteries are on, and pressing buttons I and II doesn't seem to have any effect.

    I have disconnected both batteries, thinking this would reset the system, but it does not. Both batteries (LiFe) are fully charged.

    Can anyone offer help, please?

  • Thanks. Does this mean it is unfixable? It can't have happened through wrong polarisation because the system had been working fine last time it was used and the connectors were all sealed with tape, so the polarity couldn't have been changed. And the battery connectors are fixed polarity too.

  • Hi, yes the error affects both power circuits.You mention a discounted exchange: is this possible and how do I arrange it? The sensor switch was purchased about 3 1/2 years ago, so is out of warranty, but has only been used a few times in one model which was assembled, then had about 5-6 test flights, then put into storage for the past two years. I discovered the problem when I recently brought it out of storage and test ran the engine, and found the sensor switch wouldn't de-activare. As I mentioned earlier, all the power connectors were sealed with tape and hadn't been touched since the previous successful operation of the model.

  • Hi Richard, I thouight you would like to know that the sensor switch appears to be working properly again now. I was about to remove it from the model to send back to you for replacement, but checked it, and it was back to normal. It had been disconnected from any power supply for about 2 weeks, and I wonder if this has allowed it to return to its normal state somehow?

  • Hi Richard, no, there is nothing in my installation with abnormal current draw. It is an IC aircraft, with fairly standard digital servos. The only "unusual" factor is that the aircraft had been put into storage and not powered on at all for over a year, but I can't see why that would have an effect.

    However, I'm just glad it is working normally again. Thanks for your help and advice.