R2008SB receivers

  • I am setting up a Mercury box with two Futaba R2008 sbus rx's. All went well except that the FS OK flashes rapidly and after a while FS locks but does not change to the OK Rx and controls are locked.

    Checked by swapping over Rx's and same happens. I looked at the sbus output from the rx with a scope and found the frame rate to be 7 msec whereas the 7008 rx'x have a frame rate of 15msec and there is no setting for 7 msec on the Mercury. Also while it was working with the 2008's movement of servos was not smooth unlike when it was tried with the 7008's

    Tried setting up with 7008 rx's and all is well, no flashing or loss of FS.

    Is the problem that the 2008 rx's are not compatible with the Mercury?

  • This Rx is quite basic with no option to change the SBUS output.

    It is available at all times unlike some other models which have options.

    As it is FHSS and not FAST HS it is unlikely to be 7 ms. Approx Frequency of 142 Hz on a scope signal.

    It may be an option to verify correct transmission to the RX using a regular servo port to confirm the TX / RX operation before looking to the Mercury.

  • Hi MH the recs were looked at on an oscilloscope. The 7008 showed sbus ouput of 14ms frame and the 2008 twice that at 7ms.

    I already checked the rec's 2008 servo output with servos and they continue to work perfectly even when the mercury is playing up as both outputs are available as you say.

  • The SBUS format as I'm sure you are aware is standard from Futaba with only 2 options 7 ms and 14ms dependant on RX.

    It does appear to operate as at a baud rate of 100K (futaba spec sheet)

    This issue must have been seen during development.

    I tested the R2008 and it is indeed 7 ms so it may be better not to use that RX type and use one that has the option to drop to 14 ms.

  • Hi Richard, the transmitter is a 10J Futaba.

    I have just put a 3008 rec on to try which is on TFHSS not SFHSS (TFHSS gives telemetry ) and that gives an sbus output of 15msec and operates the Mercury ok.

    I think my answer then is to get my client that I am putting this together for to buy two 3008 recs and then we should be ok.