GPS II will not connect

  • Richard, this morning I connected a new GPS to PowerBox Terminal in order to set the telemetry to S-bus. While connected I noticed a software update was available so I updated from version 4 to version 5. Since doing that I have not been able to connect to the GPS II again. I am assuming I did something wrong during the update that has caused this problem. What should I do? Can I correct it or do I have to send it in?

  • Richard : I have another GPS II that I needed to update, it was running 1.0 and i wanted to update to 1.5. I was very careful to follow all the steps to complete the update properly and the same thing happened. I can no longer connect to the GPSII even though I could just fine before the update. Please help, I now have 2 GPSII units that I cannot connect to.

  • Richard, more information for you. When I fist plug in the GPSII unit the green light on it flashes slowly. If I just leave it alone and wait a few minutes it starts a rapid flash. When it is flashing rapidly I can connect to it. So I have found a solution to my problem but I'm not sure why it acts that way.