GR-12L Hott not detected in Mercury SRS

  • I have two Graupner GR-12L receivers in the receiver ports of the Mercury SRS. Neither is reflected in the status of the OLED screen. In the telemetry field of the mz-32 transmitter there is no option for a “SUMD of 16”. The only option for SUMD is in the CH6 selection field. The only option of “16” is found in the RSSI field. CH5 only has options for “Batt V”, SENSOR, and SERVO. There simply no options to reflect what is in the Mercury SRS manual. I have no output to my two test servos located in the Throttle and rudder Mercury outputs. I tried a GR-18L. The only option for “SUMD” is a “yes/no” choice for a SUMD at CH6. Again no choice or offering for “SUMD of 16” The transmitter “sees all receivers the Mercury does not. What have I done wrong based on the offering in the Mercury manual for Hott transmitter and receivers?

  • Hello,

    you must have a option in the receiver menu for SUMD-OF-16

    If you find SUMD it comes out at CH6. But I don´t know if the GR12 has the correct output - the GR18 must havbe it.

    If you don´t find it, Graupner service would be the correct address to ask.

  • Thank you Richard and Flugass, I will look at the receivers I currently have on hand to see what is available to locate the “SUMD of 16” option. Again, I looked in the telemetry options in the GR-18 but again the only reference to SUMD was the yes/no option of SUMD at CH 6. As Flugass seemed to be knowledgeable of the Graupner systems. He should be aware Graupner is in a state of confusion (bankruptcy I believe) making the receivers harder and harder to locate in the USA. I just inventoried my available spectrum satellites and found the minimum requirement of 4 DSM X types. I will try the Spectrum route until such a time I can secure the types Flugass referenced. Again Thank You both very much for the assistance - I love the RC hobby world, everybody always leaning forward to help out