FRsky Receivers

  • My question for the Powerbox Champion, looks like it will support s-bus with Frsky = Awesome !! but I wanted to see if the 9ms latency is possible or does that matter? I see 18ms but not 9ms in the settings? another question is there a way to hook up a PWM rx to the Champion ?

    So I know that many people may wonder why would you go with a cheap Radio and expensive Powerbox, Let me quickly explain. I have been in the hobby for over 20 years and I have used many different transmitters in my time. When I started FPV about 3 years ago I learned how most transmitters had pretty poor signal beyond line of sight... I would never think of buying a Frsky because I like my expensive quality toys. But I did, figured I wanted something cheap to throw around and not worry about, just for FPV I bought a Hours x10s and to be honest this is my favorite radio beyond any over priced ones I have used, never did I lose signal again.. but not only the Gimbals where the best I have tried / this Radio is user Friendly no massive size text book manual all very simple and easy to use. It changed my perspective on Transmitters I would love to see a real Review of all top Radio an Rx to test signal in tough environments and see how companies compare there 1000$-3000$ transmitters to a 400$ one...

  • Hello,

    the S.BUS must be set to 18ms.

    I understand your points with FRSky, but if you select a radio system for your demands the radio is one side, but you have to decide if the system offers also the full range of parts and accesories which are necessary to run all your models.

    I can promise you: our Core has more range - and this with legal RF-power which is not always given at this Chineses radios!

  • I Feel like that would be an awesome test to see, To put up a shootout against FRsky Access with all the top-end transmitters running 2.4ghz. And yes I Agree Your company stands far apart from everyone else because of your awesome technology. All the support anyone's heart can desire really. And for the ones with deep pockets it is hands down the best in my opinion. But Please keep going in the direction of universal capability as much you can. We all love your product and buy what we cant live without!! I want a radio with the same quality as the CORE, but with a bottom screen that doesn't need all the options and is half the price from the CORE. I would buy that and jump on board fully with PowerBox everything Cover the whole radio with that suede or use real carbon.