EVOULUTION 7.4V output Setting

  • Dear Sirs,

    I have 3 set of EVOLUTİON and igyro 3e on my gasser planes. I have been using them over years withouth any issue and very very pleased with them.

    I am going to use one of them on my new turbine powered airplane with 7.4V setting for the HV servos, I would like know which one can be adjusted to 7.4V because I do not want mess all 3:):)

    here are the serials

    SN 098993

    SN 177703

    SN 098400

    My 2nd question is; what is the differences inbetween V4 and V5 on igyro 3e?? I mean I have updated all my igro3e's to V5 , should I adjust something manually or ??