Micromatch sliders not working

  • Hi guys

    I am having trouble with my micro match , i am using the Bluetooth connection to adjust it .

    The problem is that the app is not working correctly, the sliders do not work. I do have lots of experience with these units but this latest update of the app is not working.

    I did make sure to try on my iPad also and made sure it wasn’t connected to my iPhone.


  • Hi Rudi

    The app works the reverse button, the sliders that are used to fine tune center position and end points do not move on the screen and neither does the servos, i have put long arms on the servos to try and see any movement.

  • well, please follow the exact instructions in the App. Click to question mark, read carefully the steps and:

    1. do initialization, click to initialization button, move the stick to endpoints and click again initialization

    2. then choose which servo should be reversed

    3. click to start, and swipe green point to an appropriate direction, slowly, hold finger on point and move, or hold finger and swipe

    the movement of arms is really small, you can't expect some hurry movement :-) small steps

    4. again click start to store positions

    if you will need some further support, we can do video call tomorrow afternoon, I will show you correct setup :-)

    let me know



  • Hi, im having the same issue as above. Having used numerous micro matches with the blue com before, something is not right, the slider does not move correctly to the left and right, you have to move it very small amounts and it holds at each point you release. Until you finally get the slider bar to the end of the range and the servo jumps too far. Took me 1 hour to set up 2x micro matches today. Im also using iphone.

    Regards Sonny