can not get 200% gain - only 137% - HELP

  • I have an igyro 3xtra but cannot get higher than 137% gain on the slider bar in TERMINAL even when th eRC signal is increase more. How do I get up to 200% please. All settings as standard execpt aileron A and B set to 85% set pictures. I need high gain to use in HARRIER flight

  • as I am using the gyro specifically and only for Harrier flight I need to get the gain high and reduce the derivative factor. Can you confirm the best settings for this one mode of flight. I assume the 'lock in feel' variable is the derivative factor? What is the 'gyro characteristic' factor and what is the best settings for these given harrier flight. Thanks

  • Hello,

    only with a Core radio you can get 200% as -200% is 500µs and +200% is 2500µs pulsewitdh. I don´t know how far Hitec can go.

    For Harrier you go to max gain - 137% is already a lot

    What do you mean with "derivative factor"

    Gyro characteristics should be set to Hard for hovering- it is explained in the manual

  • derivative factor is from basic gyro theory. You have 3 terms called PID proportional derivative and integral. The proportional is related to amount moved. Derivative the rate of change or damping and integral is for lock and not appropriate for this use. Sonis the lock feel the damping then ?

  • Lock feel has nothing to do with PID - I don´t want to give out the information how it´s done, but I can say how it comes out at the model:

    If you make a 4 -point roll and stop quickly: If the lock feel is too low your model doesn´t stop at once. If the lock feel is too high the modell will oscillate a littel at the stop.

    For harrier, just make the gain to 100%, Attitude Assist on, Lock in feel doesn´t matter here, Gyro characteristics to hard.

  • hi. Attitude assist is pointless as the ailerons will always be moving so I am using rate fyro only. Please confirm what setting lock feel is and why it wouldnt matter. Clearly damping is important.

  • Richard. I have bought your not inexpensive product to help stabilise a 2m span 3D Sukhoi 29. Can you please confirm best setting values for ALL the settings on the PC terminal page. Thankyou