How to change elevator trim with flaps but not using flight modes?

  • I have a Mephisto with Royal SRS and CORE. There is much written about using the Flight Modes function to create takeoff, flight, landing modes and so the elevator trim is easily set for the different flap positions. In this aircraft I would like to simply have different elevator trims for flap settings. FWIW most of my previous radios had a flap function where this is easily done so I imagine the same applies here. Or will it be necessary to build a decision tree in the flight mode menu where my "normal" flight mode branches off to have three flap switch positions within it thus enabling separate elevator trims?

  • Hello,

    for this plane I strongly recommend using flightmodes - this simplifies most of the settings. Spacial flap/elevator trims are easily done with that. You will find it´s much easier than a hardcoded flap function.

    Whare are you from- there are several guys flying Core/Royal/Mephisto

  • OK Richard, I am getting some help on CORE from Matt here in the US. I am in California. I will ask him how he did it but I wanted to figure it out on my own. Anyway I think I understand the best way to do it now. Actually on Mephisto I only needed 3 clicks down elevator trim with full flaps and those guys had told me it didn't need much at all so I was confident flying it.

  • Husafreak,

    I also don't use flight modes and you can get what you want in two different ways. You can either add the elevator servo's to the flap function and then adjust the elevator servo travel within the flap function OR you can create a mixer from flap to elevator and again adjust the elevator position within the mixer for every position of the flaps.



  • I don't want to get too "cosmic" with the flight modes but next time around (or when I have nothing else to do!) I will change my thinking and have whatever flight mode I take off and land with be the one that can branch to flaps, gear, canopy, speed brakes, whatever. The Mephisto does not have scale functions but the flight modes are terribly complicated by thrust vectoring and optional taileron assist and and they are used by the Royal to do major gyro gain changes. I'm leaving them as is. Luckily take off flaps and flaps up have the same trim so it is pretty easy to dial in. Only full flap deflection (60 degrees on huge flaps) requires a few clicks of down elevator trim. A few other Mephisto pilots, and now me, have decided to simply create a flap to elevator mix. It is simple and does the job. I am surprised that Powerbox has made elevator to flap mixing their "poster child" for flight modes. It should be a stand alone concept IMHO. So, that is why I just used a mix! Now it is the way I want it in the grand scheme of things. It's just not easy to set while flying.

    One thing is odd though and that is the servo speed function. I set it to 3 seconds in both directions on my flap to elevator mix I set my curve editor to 3 points with a flat line from flaps up to take off flaps, then the curve ( a straight line) to down elevator with full flaps. Extending the flaps the elevator trim takes its 3 seconds but retracting the flaps it jumps to the normal/take off flaps position. Why does it not take three seconds to move in both directions?