Power Box Evolution and DUAL Push Pull RUDDER Channels/Servos , Dual Elevator Channels/Servos , Dual Aileron Channels/Servos - SETUP with Futaba TX RX

  • Hi all

    I recently purchased a POWERBOX EVOLUTION

    I have POWER BOX EVOLUTION (last version year 2020)

    I have a Futaba 16 SZ TX

    I have a Futaba R7008 SBUS2 8 channel RX

    I have 2 Servos for RUDDER on the tail with PUSH PULL system

    I have 2 Servos for the ELEVATOR (Half elevator have 1 servo) Push Pull system

    I have 4 Aileron Servos (2 left wing servos and 2 right wing servos)

    My questions are:

    1. do I have to use only the POWER BOX EVOLUTION to synchronize and centering the servos? or do I also need to configure the Futaba Transmitter?

    2. For RUDDER how do I synchronize the 2 Servos? When one servo pushes the other servo pulls, how do I set INPUT of the servos and Output mapping on POWER BOX? How Do I set enpoint for rudder servos and subtrim on POWERBOX? (and Need I set IT only on PowerBOX or on TX also?)

    3. For ELEVATOR, how do I synchronize the 2 Servos in this case instead the 2 Servos work in the same direction. Which INPUT and OUTPUT should I program on the Power Box? And subtrim?

    4. For AILERONS same questions, and how do I connect the four OUTPUT servos on the Power BOX? and INPUT

    5. How I matching servos for Rudder(2 servos in TAIL with PUSH PULL, not with TRAY system), AILERON (4 servos total) and Elevator Servos (1 servos right Half and 1 servos left half elevator) on POWER BOX?

    6. Also, need I connect all six lead cables provided with POWER BOX EVOLUTION from POWER BOX to RX Futaba channel , or only 2 Patch CABLE INPUT?

    Furthermore, which configuration do I set for the configuration of the WINGS and the TAIL on the FUTABA Transmitter? 4 Aileron or 2 Aileron and for Rudder? And for elevators?

    Sorry for lot of questions , but I have a lot dubt;(


  • Hello,

    The Evolution has no synchronizing feature, so you can make it on the transmitter or with a Micromatch.

    But if I read all your further questions: This is not the correct PowerBox for your model. Better you use a PowerBox Professional which has 4 channel / 2 Servos Matching feature.

  • ; (; (X( My Evolution is new...!

    Should I buy Champion SRS? Would this control unit solve the RUDDER configuration with 2 servos on the tail with PUSH PULL system? Can I set a rudder servo to PUSH while the second RUDDER PULL servo with this control unit (Champion SRS) or is the Professional enough for this configuration?

    Also with the Professional can I configure and synchronize the ailerons with 4 servos (2 sevos for each wing) or do I need the Champion SRS?

    If in the future I wanted to add a gyroscope, would it be compatible with the Professional or with the CHAMPION SRS?

    Thank you for your answer

  • Hello,

    you need only the PowerBox Professional.


    For an example:

    Connect (2 Servos) Aileron left to channel "A", (2 Servos) Aileron right to channel "B", (2 Servos) Elevator left and right to channel "C" and both servos for the Rudder to channel "D".

    If you want to install later a iGyro-System, simply put the iGyro3xtra between the reciever and the Powerbox Professional.

  • Thank a Lot.

    I will use Competition for Trainer or I'll sell it.X/?(.

    Just a clarification if I connect the two servos of the rudder to the D channel (for example) with the PUSH-PULL system, do I have to reverse the direction of rotation of one of the two in the matching procedure?

    and also need I to subtrim and/or endpoint with TX futaba , and centering mechanical linkage of one servo (for aileron, rudder and elevators) before starting powerbox matching?

    Anyway I just bought the Champion SRS for that I will be able to use in the future even for more complex models

    Thank you for you support

  • The PowerBox Champion is an excellent choice.

    I will use Competition for Trainer or I'll sell it

    Competition? I thought it was the Evolution!

    do I have to reverse the direction of rotation of one of the two in the matching procedure?

    You can every Match-Channel reverse, teach the end- and the middlepoints.

    For more details, please take a look in the instruction manual.


    A little advice. Before you start with matching the servos, please disassemble the linkage from the servos.

    Best Regards

  • Good morning Gerd

    I just got the Powerbox Champion SRS

    I take advantage of your availability to ask other questions about the above configuration.

    1 - When choosing the WINGS and TAIL TYPE form Futaba TX configuration in model type, using the powerbox is it better to choose a model configuration with 4 ailerons or with 2 ailerons (left and right) and for the elevator with 2 elevators or with 1, for POWERBOX MATCHING?

    2- In addition, all servo SUBTRIM configurations, travel configurations, etc. must they be prepared first on the TX or do I have to do everything with MATCHING POWERBOX procedure , next set the mechanical connections well, and only after performing the POWERBOX MATCHING, if necessary, acting on the subtrim, travel, end point on TX? or don’t I have to set anything from theFutaba TX and set everything on the Powerbox Champion SRS?

    3- Also, do I have to connect the RX1 POWERBOX input to the Futaba 7008SB receiver's 8 / S-bus port or to another receiver port (although my servos are non-S-BUS), and setting in LINKAGE Menù of the Transmitter MODE with S-BUS Support also or standard MODE without S-BUS? The connection must be single o I can connect 2 cables between powerbox and receiver (there is only one receiver).

    Best Regards

  • Hello,

    1. in the radio make 2 Ailerons - you can match the servos then in the PowerBox.

    2. Adjust one left servo - and one right completely in the radio. Center/Travel. Then use the servomatching to adapt the second servo in the Powerbox with servomatching.

    3. Yes- use output 8 set to S.BUS (Mode B). In the Radio it´s Fasstest 16 channel. Only a single wire is used here.