Receiver update from Core

  • I can't download the .pdu files to my computer. I'm sure I am missing something. I get "the file couldn't be downloaded" if I click the link it opens the source code page. Thanks for any help you can provide.

  • Hi

    Not sure what you try to load?

    All necessary files are included if you download the Terminal.exe from PB Website


    After installing new TerminL on your PC, select „Core-Update“ inside Terminal, using an empty USB-Stick and update the Core-TX.

    If the Core Update was made, all files are on the Core-TX, except Language files.

    If the Core Update was made, all compatible receiverfiles can be selected, if you try to update a receiver

    Regards Rainer

  • I can't download the .pdu files to my computer

    You must download the files to an USB-stick. As Rainer mentioned, the stick must be empty. The terminal-app will formate the stick anyways and all data on it will be deleted. So the terminal makes Sure that there is only one valid file on the stick.

    Good luck,