Canard+delta setup questions

  • I am considering getting an igryro 3xtra for a jet. Seems convenient if I can keep all my current mixes and just add it as an output to my current rx. I have read the manual and have some questions (the “installation, connections” chapter is not clear to me and I think it would be really helpful if it contained some connection examples).

    • Can I use this with a canard delta jet aircraft and have the gyro to work on both the rear elevons as well as the canards?
    • If yes to above, what way should the input and output channels be connected?
    • The manual states that the gain channel adjusts the gain on all channels simultaneously. Can this also be used to switch between pre configured modes? Similarly to bank switching on helicopter gyros? I would like to have the option of disabling the gyro on pitch and roll separately during flight but from what I understand this seems not possible.
    • My jet have the landing gear too far aft (like many unstable aircraft made stable in the scale model) and is terrible on take-off. Requires a lot of speed and full up elevator to lift the nose. The “ketchup effect” on rotation is significant and it pops up rather nasty and steep. How will the gyro handle this? Would you recommend having the pitch axis in rate mode (damping only), or “attitude assist” (I assume that is full PID regulation). My fear is that in attitude assist if I run down the runway with full up elevator, the Integral term will wind up and cause the aircraft to pop up even steeper than without the gyro.

    I would be very happy if you could answer these questions.

    Thank you

  • Hello,

    - for this model you use Aileron-A and Elevator-A for the Delta. You use only the outer surfaces if there are four. Elevator-B is then for the Canard

    - you have two ranges (or banks) which can be configured individual with the Gain input

    - you can use the attitude assist for that - this keeps the plane angel in whatever you had it before.

  • Thank you for quick response!

    I should ave said, I have two servos for the canards. Does this still work (i suppose Elevator B and Aileron B) or would I have to use a Y cable?

    Supposedly if I also wanted the gyro to work on the vector nozzle what are my options? (disable the canard?)