Mercury + GPS / Futaba T32MZ / Teleconverteur and Roxxy for capacity

  • Hello Richard,

    Just becoming a bit crazy :

    on my futaba :

    Telemetry is on

    Teleconverteur has been plug to the radio and recognize as CUR-F1678 ID 1 and appear in slot 1, 2 and 3

    Roxxy from multiplex has been add and plug with an Y (second is the teleconverteur) to USB2 of recepteur one.

    on the mercury, teleconverteur is plug beside the RX2 in tele.

    Result is that i see nothing : no capacity, no voltage,....

    Can you help me?


    Best regards

  • I´m wondering why this teleconverter is responding as a F1678. Connecting the sensor to the radio is not necessary and doesn´t work well. The registration process is unstable in the Futaba radios.

    I recommend to do following:

    - Use the Powerbox terminal to update the teleconverter if necessary.

    - Set it to T18/t16 option

    - Connect the teleconverter to the receiver

    - Reset the telemetry in the radio and make a rescan in the sensor list without connecting a sensor to clear the whole list

    - Go to Slot 8 and klick on it - then select "PowerBox"

    - Data must come if the teleconverter is connected to the Mercury