Mercury connection with GPS II & PBR-9D

  • Richard... A question for you... Is there a correct or preferred connection / wiring layout that should be followed when connecting a GPS II to a Mercury when using 2 PBR-9D's? Should I be using a wiring layout similar to what you suggested when wiring two PBR's to a Royal SRS? The reason that I ask, is that I'm still de-bugging my conversion over to the Core system from using twin Futaba R7008SB Rx's. I thought I had the system wired up correctly as I was getting good telemetry from the two Rx's, and I used the Mercury/GPS links to make 2 widgets, 1 for speed, and 1 for Height, and they appeared to very usable on the Core screen. But when I got up in the air, I did not have any telemetry for either speed or height. Additionally, I seemed to loose the speed compensation link between the GPS II and the Mercury's iGyro as I had severe oscillation on the ailerons when I turned on the iGyro. I checked the settings on the GPS II and they are set to PowerBox.

    Any suggestions? Thanks...

  • Yes- the GPS remains connected to the PowerBox with setting PowerBox.

    In the Mercury: just set it to Futaba (or any other system) confirm it, then go back to P²-BUS. I think this is the problem

  • OK. I rebooted and updated everything. Along the way, I updated the GPS II's that I have to V.1.5, and along the way noticed that there is a setting for P2Bus as well as for Mercury SRS and Royal SRS as well. Which one should I use to work best with the Mercury ?