Mercury GPS II + teleconverter + Jetcat v10 + Futaba T32MZ

  • Hello Richard,

    I have a problem with Mercury and Jetcat v10 telemetry:

    The two telemetries do not work at the same time.

    Jet cat V10 sensor is set from slot 1 to 14.

    Powerbox with teleconverter (Mercury) is set from slot 16 to 31.

    When I connect only turbine sensor, I get the Jet cat v10 datas.

    When I connect only Powerbox teleconverter, I get Powerbox datas (exept GPS coordinates even if GPS is ok)

    When I connect both sensors, I get only Jet cat v10 datas.

    Do you have an idea of the issue?

    Best regards.

  • Hello,

    I would reset the telemetry completely. Then do not connect a sensor to the radio and press "Realod"

    After that go to slot 1 and select Jetcat from the list, then press on slot 16 and select PowerBox from the list.

    If it doesn´t work: Futaba service...

  • Hello,

    I reseted the telemetry completely. Still the same issue.

    The JetCat V10 sensor is RDT from Zavionix.

    Futaba say: We cannot guarantee the proper functioning of sensors from other brands.