Crossfire support

  • Sorry if this is a duplicate in any way, but I went through about 50 pages of posts and could not find anything to answer this question -

    Will the SRS system support sBus output from TBS Crossfire receivers?

    Thank you in advance

  • Just re-read the thread from beginning. Question is, if Jannica wants to use a Powerbox-Device in the airframe and therefore needs to know if he can feed it from a Cross-Fire RX. If so, he can either use a Powerbox with descrete inputs from the RX (non SRS) or use the S.BUS output to feed a SRS-Powerbox.

    Other thing could be, that he wants to drive a Crossfire TX Module with the CORE. That would require a PPM output at the CORE side. If there ist no PPM-Stream at itsJR-Connector, two things are possible here:

    - Switch output on CORE to P² data and build a converter to generate PPM from P² bus data (if Servo data is also included in the stream at the CORE, not sure right now...)

    - Use a PBR5 (or it smaller companion to be released soon) and use its capability to output a PPM signal. Use this as an input for the Crossfire TX module.

    The Crossfire needs some current, so you would be able to place it apart from the TX (at a preferred RF position) together with the battery and the PBR5. (A kind of "relay" function.) Depends on what you want to do. Real long-range flights or racing with obstacles which inhibit 2,4GHz usage cause of dropouts/failsafe...



  • Hello,

    I´m pretty sure this works well. S.BUS is a standard protocoll

    Hello, I have a follow up question for using the Crossfire with your Competition SRS. The crossfire works great using S-Bus into the PB Competitor SRS. I feed one Crossfire rx into rx plug 1 and the other one in rx plug 4 with both in S-Bus mode. I have confirmed each rx will work independently if the other one is unplugged. When I unplug an rx it will count the frame losses when it is unplugged. My question is that when i take the transmitter out of range so I no longer have movement on the surfaces, it does not read holds or frame losses on the PB. Am I missing a setting, or needing to do something further to my set up? (firmware update etc) Thank you in advanced for your response.

  • Hello,

    this depends on what the Crossfire S.BUS does. There is a flag in the bus marking that there is no signal. If this flag is set the PowerBox counts. Another option is that the Crossfire turns off the signal completely if there is no signal from the radio. Then the PowerBox counts also