Multiple Power Pak 2.5 x2 pro failures

  • Hi Richard / Powerbox,

    I have had multiple deep discharge failures with the 2500mah pro 2 cell packs on the same baselog. As you know, you have replaced these packs twice. One of these replacements has failed again which is number four or five! with deep discharging below 2.7v per cell where recovery is impossible. This happens when the packs are left connected to the baselog as they are hidden.

    These failures are occurring in the same helicopter with default wiring as supplied by PB with two packs into one baselog. I am becoming increasingly confident that the baselog is responsible for the deep discharge as it appears that the battery on the same input port is failing. There are no other connections other than the indicator lights. The deep discharging happens within a few months.

    The other 10-12 packs I have do not discharge themselves lower than 7.38v neither do other packs connected to my other baselogs.

    The battery is in the 294xxx serial number range with a (white/silver?) label

    Please can you provide some feedback or a solution to this issue as replacements do not last?

    kind regards


  • Hi Richard,

    Ok, will get the batteries and baselog sent over to you. Thank you.

    I would say that this isn't 'pretty clear' and I wouldn't have been able to provide you with this information earlier. We have sent multiple batteries back (2s 2.5 and 2s/3s 5.0) between us (12+) with issues where they have deep discharged on the shelf and PB have supplied a modified circuit version; then there was the addition of the batt guard to confuse matters further. There have been known problems with the new packs previously so this has taken time to understand that the baselog is the likely culprit in this particular instance.

    Thank you for the help.