Powerpack pro

  • Yesterday i wanted to charge my powerpack pro's for the first time this year to go flying.

    I saw that on the last flight of last year,i forgot to pull out the connector of my powerpack pro's out of my Powerbox SRS Cocpit.

    I assume they were drained completely.

    I plugged in the charging cables and they started charging (red LED)and when i checked on them 1:30h later ,the LED's was simply not lit.

    So i plugged them out and in again and the started charging again.After 2 hours or so Both leds were green and there voltage were both arround 8.15V.

    Is it safe to continue using these powerpacks or don't you recomend that?

    Kind regards,


  • Hello,

    they are o.k. for now. Have an eye to them if they discharge them itself more than expected.

    If they keep discharging them theirself, you can send them for a check/cell replacement

  • a few weeks ago i did charge them,but due to circumstances i did not go flying.

    today i saw that the led of 1 battery was shining red and the other battery was blinking red.

    They were not charging or connected to a user....Is it normal that the led comes on?

    Kind regards,