Sparkswitch Pro/DA-70 — Futaba T18SZ

  • Dear Powerbox team,

    I know, and I saw that similar question was already answered, but I still do not have clear answer what would be the correct setup, to get all telemetry data on Futaba.

    My setup right now for DA-70 is SRS Mercury with two receiver S7003SB and sparkswitch pro.

    Do I need a teleconverter and PBS-RPM sensor?

    Is there any new update, that all the telemetry works with DA-70?

    Thank you very much for the answer!


  • Hello,

    you need a teleconverter for the Mercury telemetry. The SparkSwitch Pro works without.

    You don´t need the PBS-RPM - a RPM-Pickup is enough. But I must say: the RPM-pickup may not work with this engine - we are working on a new method to get the RPM from DA engines