How to set up a countdown timer using voise

  • I did something very similar to get a voice output fed to my headphones from my Flight Timer. On each of my aircraft I setup a countdown timer linked to a specific on/off 2 position switch to start & stop the timer. I then went to "Voice Settings" in the pull-down menu and setup a new voice output, with the "source" linked to the Flight Timer (not text), with the control linked to another switch to toggle the output on or off, and the replay for the voice was set for a time interval of 10s. you can set the interval to any increment that suits you.

    The voice output is fed to the CORE's internal speaker, or to the speaker jack. I use a Bluetooth external dongle linked to my wireless headphones, so I get a constant readout of all the telemetry functions that are running, as well as the time remaining in my flight profile every 10 seconds.

    Hope this helps.