Connection ignition battery outlet to available slot in Powerbox Competition

  • Hey friends!

    I have a PowerBox Competition model, powered by 2 x 2,500 mah Li-Ion Powerbox batteries. I have decided to reduce the number of batteries in the entire plane and so I am feeding the DLE ignition module from the PowerBox (used an open input port). In addition, I have an Rcexl Optic Kill Switch, as I have set up a switch on the TX to kill the ignition. I believe this setup should take care against any RF noise or issues.

    Previously, I had a separate 2,000 mah 7.4v Li-Po for the ignition alone, but now I am using the power from the 2 x 2,500mah through the Powerbox that are also feeding the receiver and the servos. My question is:

    1. Is this setup fine?

    2. Are there any possible issues with regards to the security of the system, e.g. RF noise, etc. given that I have already an Optic Kill switch?

    3. Does it matter if the cable for ignition power is plugged into an output or input slot of the Powerbox?

    The plan is an Edge 540, 2.6m in wingspan. To my knowledge the electronic ignition consumes around 1 Amp/hour, which probably means that with the new setup I will be able to fly 1 round less.

    Thanks a lot for your help. :):):)

  • Hello,

    1. The switch doesn´t seperate the ground if you take the power from the RX power (PowerBox). You may get problems with interference or static discharge

    2. See 1.

    3. Can´t recommend any