Power bus, gyro, Jeti setup troubles

  • Hello,

    I’m currently running Version 15.7 on my royal, with 3.24 on my Jeti receivers. Transmitter us the DS24 with the current firmware. I am using PowerBus for my tail servos. I cleared ALL outputs and inputs, then only assigned my gyro control surface Chanels. Then when I try to assign the channels for the elevator using the powerbus button, the aileron axis and elevator always get assigned to the elevator no matter what I do. If I don’t use the gyro Chanel’s and simply assign the control surfaces to direct Chanels then everything works fine when setting up the powerbus. What makes it more strange is that even if I don’t assign the ailerons and ONLY the elevator Chanel’s (everything else in the output/input mapping is blank) when I try to set up the elevator on the gyro Chanel’s I get the same result. No matter what I do the aileron axis gets assigned to the elevator axis. I have preformed a factory reset a few times.. hope you understand what I’m trying to say.

  • Ok, I just connected a servo directly to the Royal to bypass the powerbus system, and I get the same result. If I use direct assignments everything is fine, if I use gyro channel assignments then I can not separate the aileron and elevator functions. The problem is only on the elevator channel. The ailerons are fine. It’s as though there is an active mix, and I can assure you I have no mixes active in the transmitter, and I did a factory reset on the Royal.