• I heard that 900 MHz may be added to Core in near future. Is this true, and if so I assume it would be in addition to the existing dual 2.4 GHz RF. Also, if true, can existing Core Tx be updated and when will 900 MHz be available?

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    in principle there is space for a 3rd antenna - any frequency. But to be honest, and everybody already using the Core will confirm that: you don´t need this gadget. Our 2.4GHz link isthat robust that there is no need for another rescue frequency

  • And I never needed this in any of my Systems.

    In my experience very often this is an issue of "how to mount antennas correctly" .

    I am flying very often distances >1.5km, and with none of my Radios I ever had any issues.

    Doesn't matter if ACT, Hott, Jeti and now Core.

    During the time of 35MHz I was in the support of a RC-equipment manufacturer for 6 years, and during that time I figured out that 90% of the RF issues were related to user faults !

    And to be honest, most of my friends made the same experience, that after re-installing the antennas correctly the RF-issues disappeared.

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    Kai Wimmer
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  • Thank you for your replies. There is a flying field in the U.S. that has the entire 2.4GHz swamped by a very strong signal (either military or commercial test center). Futaba, Hitec, JR and Spektrum all get hit and planes crash with total loss of signal. Jeti gets hit and switches to 900 so you can land, but Tx telemetry data shows some noise even got into 900MHz so it is still risky. The flying area was tested with a spectrum analyser and shows a very strong, very wide range signal. So most RC flyers in the area are worried that it is not safe to fly there any more. I took my Core Tx there to do a test, but I didn't fly my plane. The lowest LQI I got on the ground was 55%. I don't know if would be different in the air.

  • Understand - just an idea - take an old foam and get some test flight. If you have the Core already you might get some comparison to other radios?

    Richard, today per your suggestion, I took an old foam (in this case a Multiplex Mentor, see first photo) and flew it towards the U.S. Navy transmitters where the spectrum analyser showed noise on the entire width of the 2.4 GHz band. I don't know how close I got, but I flew about 1/2 km away from flying field in direction of where other models have had either momentary control loss or crashed as a result of control loss. I couldn't fly farther as it was too hard to see the model and it was windy. I set my LQI alarms for 50%. I made 4 flights and when I got to about 1/2 km the alarms went off on all 4 flights. I don't know if the model had any momentary control loss because the wind was bouncing the Mentor around, but I never lost total control. After the flights I checked the Min. LQI's. The Core ranged from 84% to 55% and the PBR-9D's ranged from 48% to 20%. I have attached photos of the 4 LQI Min's from the one flight that had one PBR-9D with a Min. of 20%. Like I mentioned, it was hard to tell if I had any momentary control loss due to wind, but I was able to fly the Mentor back to the runway and land safely on all 4 flights.

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    thank you for this testing. Always interesting!

    You can check the Hold values in the receiver as well - then you know if there has been a short or longer control loss - In combination with the lostframe numbers it gives a very good map about the RF environment.

    Would be interesting to watch the log files!

  • Richard,

    You're welcome. How do I access the hold values and log files?


    Hi Bob.

    Would anyone else at your club location dare to fly in the same manner , direction or distance?



    Only Spektrum DX18 and Jeti with 900 fly at that field. Spektrum DX18 gets fades, but no holds in same zone where problem signal is present (Richard calls it spammer). Spektrum ix20 has had problems there. Jeti without 900 has problems and with 900 either alarms weak signal or switches to 900. Futaba lose all control so no one fly's Futaba there. I am only one with a Core at that field.