igyro setup

  • hi

    can i ask some advice about my igyro please
    im looking to use two elevator servos,2aileron servos and 1rudder, all jr8911's
    i have an r6208 sb rx
    i also have a spare powerbox evolution
    my question is ,when i look through the manual it shows an rx supplying throttle,gear etc direct from the rx,it then shows an sbus patch lead linking to the igyro,then the other 5 servos all plug from the igyro,the worry is all those hi current draw servos are powered from that one patch lead ??? or am i missing something??
    as stated i have a PB evolution, am i best to use it ? i prefer to keep things simple so if i can get away without the PB evo then all good and well....???

    what do you think

    thankyou for your time


  • thanks for the reply

    and connect the igyro to the rx with the sbus patch lead ??
    also will the rx be power by just the patch lead ? the rx will be supplying retract valves etc or should i supply the rx some other way? im new to sbus


  • Hello,

    you can use a 2-pole wire to make a double conection. Connect it to any spare PowerBox output to a spare RX input. Or better: Do you have the Evoulution with 6 channels? Then connect for example the gear channel from RX to PowerBox direct and connect the gear to the PowerBox.

  • hi
    i have setup the igyro as my above posts
    i have a problem
    when i go through set up assistant it will not let me OK the gain slider or knob detect, i have it set to LS (left slider) and the gain value goes from 0% to 99% but when i move the curser to OK it will not let me ok it, what am i doing wrong

  • hi richard
    ive been flying the model now with the gyro swithed off in flightmode 1,
    today i decided to go through the fly assistant and get it working, after flying through the procedure i landed and gyro said go fly enjoy!
    next flight i switched into FM2 expecting heading hold on aileron,elev, and the rudder to be in normal gain mode, but all axis were operating in normal gain mode??
    i then switched to FM3 and all axis were in heading mode as i expected...
    why didnt i have heading hold on ail and elev in FM2 ??

  • hi
    yes there are values for heading hold in the gyro settings, they around the 75% mark.
    in both fm2 and fm3 , the only difrence are the rudder values for heading hold which read 0% in fm2 , i dont understand why i have no heading hold working when i switch to fm2 , ail and elev both have high values for fm2

  • hi
    after re checking at home all seems to be working
    fm1 i gyro off
    fm2 ail =headinghold. elev = headinghold. rud=normal gain

    fm3 all in headinghold

    i dont understand why inflight there was no diference between fm1 and fm2 ?
    fm3 was an instant effect
    maybe i should fly again and see ??

  • hi richard
    i cant understand why i cannot get the heading hold to work on the elevator when the model is inverted ??
    my elevator gain settings are 85% on both normal gain and heading hold
    i was thinking the airspeed setting needed to be reduced to increase the gain at hi speed but it wagged up and down
    when i go inverted the model needs my forward stick input to keep it flying level and to stop it coming down just like i have NO headinghold
    im now thinking of trying it without the gps sensor
    what do you think richard?
    im expecting the model to stay flying level when my hands are off the sticks, to stay flying where i leave it
    im currently setting up flightmode 2, rudder has No headinghold ,both aileron and elev have headinghold
    thank you

  • Hello Dean,

    do you see on the ground that the elevator is staying in a position when you move the plane? Or is the deflection of the elevator going back to zero?
    Please send me the unit for a check if you have no success, but I really have no idea what there should be wrong if the normal gyro function is working.

  • hi
    yes ive done that , the elev does not zero when in heading hold, it is working on the ground, at the moment i have disconected the gps , i am setting up gains first manually until wag, then i will increase headinghold, im expecting that when inverted i can level the model then it will fly on its own ?

  • Heloo,

    now I understand: The iGyro is leveling the model up to a point, but not over this.

    To explane with an example: Your model needs 80% elevator stick to hold it in inverted flight. Then the iGyro will not hold this model
    Your model needs 30% elevator stick to level in inverted flight: the iGyro can do the job.

    The Heading on iGyro is not going endless. The advantage is: you can use the Gyro in heading mode also for start and landing without getting an stall. But it doesn´t hold models which need very much stick movement to hold.
    We are working on an option in the menu to make also this maneuvers possible. In some weeks will be an update.