Does any sensor tell MAH used while in flight and can it speak MAH used?

  • I probably just dont understand it, but can the CORE and/or any additional sensor kept track of total MAH used on an EDF pack? if so, how can i get CORE to speak that?


    Linux Application V1.95

    Transceiver      V1.21

    Stickcontroller V1.4

    thank you!!


  • Hi,

    I have just installed a Unisens-e in a Wind Pro S 2mt and I had to change the plug type. This caused a small hardware glitch but Stephan was exceptional with his attention to solve this and solve it we did. I am not sure what more info I would need and I don't even use the Vario aspect of this unit.

    You can have real time info, or with an extra channel switch, flick from minimum to maximum use at the end of the flight which is really why I got it.

    Maybe you can set voices but thats not for me on this one


  • There is one additional thing I found out when paging sensors and that is if you choose sensor, Unisens-e and then see the list of settings available, and choose all you want then click okay a changing single panel will appear on the screen, changing for each of your choices in one single panel.

    This may suit you but I wanted separate panels for each setting and to do this you have to choose the first choice then press okay and it will appear, then the second choice then click okay etc etc . This will give you what I wanted separate panels dedicated to that reading only and not changing and much easier to disseminate say on their own page two maybe.


  • Besides the Unisense E what other parts or adapters do I need to purchase?

    Hi Joe,

    Nothing else is required but the USB adapter is recommended. You simply put the main wire inline with flight battery then the other into the P2bus on receiver. As Skywarrier says above you can additionally plug another wire from Unisense into a spare receiver port if available. When you land you can then easily show the high and low of settings e.g. highest alt, lowest and highest current, highest rpm and so on.

    There is a Single wire that also needs to be tapped into one of the 3 Esc/motor wires to get rpm.

    I recommend to get the USB adapter for it as well as there is some configuration on pc that is helpful - need to let it know motor pole count so I can calculate rpm, can put in battery capacity and a few more things.