Spektrum recievers etc:

  • Hi power box system. Maybe it is a Crazy question:). But when I look in the manual for spektrum systems. It seems that I only have to connect 4 spektrum satellites to the power box?. Is it not necessary to connect the recievers if I use spektrum transmitter systems?

    I have a IX 12 transmitter and a AR12310T reciever with power safe redundancy system with Dual batteri connection but maybe I don´t need the reciever.?

    Best regards Helge Larsen

  • you can connect the 4 Spektrum satellites directly to the PB (like a Royal, Champion, Competition) and use your Spektrum TX. you just have to set the PB to accept the Spektrum RX. i have this on multiple planes. i am converting all to CORE because i like CORE a lot. so i will have LOTS of Spektrum satellites soon!!

  • As Joe already explained correctly: all SRS PowerBoxes accept Spektrum satellites

    Ok Thanks for answer, but to be 100% sure I dont need the reciever but only the spektrum satellites connected to the powerbox and It Will work ok? So if I use my IX 12 spektrum transmitter I Will get 12 channels Out out of the PB Without the reciever but only with the satellites connected. ?

    Best regards Helge Larsen

  • I believe if you are using the Spektrum RX then what comes down is limited. I remember messing with this for a bit before I went CORE.

    Richard would know for sure.

  • You can have Battery data from the PowerBox using a TM1000. But the telemetry range for Spektrum is very limited.

    But of course if you cannot see inside your plane it´s always a plus in safety to have this data visible on the radio