SAT test fly and 3-pos Swirch

  • Richard I posted this in anothe post then realized it was from 2019. So don’t know if you see old theads come alive. Sorry for the duplication


    when you do the test fly, you turn the knob clockwise or counterclockwise to where it occilates, then back off a bit. so, i get that for one direction (lets say + 35%). if i then move the knob counterclockwise, (-xx%), i wont know anymore what my + value was.

    so, to put it on a switch and use the curve, do i just move the knob in one direction (+ 35%) and then when i set the -% value, i just make it the same as the + value except it is negative? so if i test fly, get to + 43%, when i assign it to the switch, i make it -43 and + 43?

    its a little different than the Royal or the iGyro original ..

    i know, its simple .... just like me !!!


    Oh, i looked at the video but i stopped early-my German is very poor.