Assymetric voltage drain

  • Hello,

    Last week, i flew my jet for the first time.

    After that, i wanted to know how much amps were used from the batteries.

    I then charged both LiIon’s at the same time, and found out that battery 1 received 273mah, nr 2 only 112 mah.

    How can this be explained? I was told that the Gemini II drained both batteries symmetrically.

    Kind Regards,


  • Hello,

    it takes the power from both batteries. But due to the redundand regulators it may happen that one is drained more than the other. Normally it varies between 10-20%. We adjust the regulators manually in order to keep this differences low.

    50% is a little to much. If you change the batteries from left to right you may see a change if the batteries are new.

    Else we can readjust the regulators