Pioneer + iGyro sat + Delta Mix (or ElevonMix)

  • Hi,

    I would like to switch from Graupner Hott to PB Core and use a "Pioneer" control unit to manage my models because it is the only one without voltage regulation (I use HV servos directly connected to the Lipo for maximum power).

    Reading the instructions and the forum I don't understand if I can also control Delta models or models with ElevonMix? From the instructions it seems that the effect of the gyroscope is possible only on Elevator or Ailerons independently.

    On Graupner I mix the channels directly on the RX so that the effect of the Gyroscope is also possible on the Delta or on the models with ElevonMix. Is this possible with Powerbox?

    How does Pioneer manage the Delta Mix?

    Best Regards, Andrea