Connect Igyro SrS to powerbox cockpit (not srs)

  • Hello
    Need some tips to conect the igyro to my PB cockpit (not srs).
    Today it is traditional serie with cockpit and Futaba 6014.

    Can i connect the igyro with Aileron,rudder and elevator from cockpit to igyro and all other channel direct to receiver?

    Do i understand it correct that i need to have sbus receiver like the 7008 to the igyro since the is no serial port on the 6014.



  • Hello,

    there is a wiring schematic in the manual how to connect a regular PowerBox. There are 2 options how to connect the receiver, you need S-BUS for iGyro input:

    1. Use your R6014. For this you need the S-BUS adapter SBE-1 from Futaba. This convertes the normal PPM channels to S-BUS. The S-BUS goes to Igyro, all other channels are connected direct to the receiver.
    2. Use a R6308SB. The S-BUS output goes to the iGyro. The IGyro output to the PowerBox. All other channels go from Receiver direct to PowerBox. Servos connected to the PowerBox.

  • Richard,

    Thanks, but sorry to be "dim" here. I have a second plane with srs and sbus receiver and I think I get it.

    Let me see if I got the cockpit w/6014 and with the SBE-1 right:

    Rudder, aileron A/B and Elevator A/B from my 6014 through the SBE-1 to the BUS1/seriar input on the igyro.
    Same as above from the Igyro into the cockpit (patch leads).

    Rest as is between the 6014 direct to the cockpit!


    Correct or totally lost?