Mercury SRS firmware updating process

  • Mercury SRS firmware updating process

    i have been trying to use the gyro functions on my existing Mercury SRS

    I never set them up when it was first installed in my model

    All the channel needed to be changed and aligned with the correct ports to enable the gyro to work

    in going through this process i kept getting error messages when assigned the controls to manage the gyro sensitivity

    I started to update the firmware part of reset this unit

    When I tried to update the firmware but it indicated that the system had been corrupted

    i started the process of reloading the firmware software update however part way through the process the connection between the computer and the Mercury SRS unit became broken and now i cannot get the this link to reconnect

    There is an error code that requires the PC Control to be switched on however the Mercury SRS screen is blank and cannot be accessed to re -enable a connection to be made to complete the process to update the firmware software

    What can I do to fix the problem

    I don't want to have to buy a replacement one if at all possible