Convert Royal + Spektrum RX to Royal + PBR

  • Good morning Richard

    I have multiple airplanes using the following setup-all have multiple flights and all the features work so I am trying to understand my options.

    I want to complete my change over from Spektrum RX + Royal+ DX18 to CORE TX+ROYAL+PBR26

    here is my current setup

    Royal using combination of BUS to BUS splitter to BUS>PWM device to servos. Using 4x Spektrum satellites. using Spektrum DX18 Stealth TX.

    On the 3 separate BUS>PWM converters, I have used the buttons to assign an output to a specific channel as per the instructions. A total of 7 channels are identified this way (2x ele + rud) and (ail+flap in each wing). The balance of the channels are plugged in to the outputs on the Royal.

    i used the gyro assistant to set up gains and identify which channel was what control surface.


    Now, i want to change each of these planes (3 planes with partial BUS installation and 4 with no BUS but channels already assigned) all over to CORE TX + PBR RX + ROYAL

    Getting access to the BUS>PWM is a lot of work-to get to the one for ele/rud I will have to pull out a lot of stuff and unseal the heat protection I have for the converter-hoping not to have to do that.

    I was thinking that if i used the setup assistant in Royal I would lose all teaching I have done with the BUS>PWM converters and then have to dig out everything.

    I know what direct channel a control surface was in the Spektrum setup. If left aileron was channel 3 and right aileron was channel 6, left elevator was channel 7 and right elevator was channel 9, can I go into my CORE radio and just assign left aileron to servo 3 and right aileron to servo 6, left elevator to servo 7 and right elevator to servo 9.

    Would manually assigning this work?

    I know, very long and perhaps confusing email.

    thank you as always for making such a great product and answering all these questions.

    Best Regards


  • Hello Joe,

    it´s much easier than you think:

    1. Before you switch over, make some notes regarding the throws.

    2. You just assign the channels exactly like they had been in your Spektrum radio in your Core radio.

    3. Make the throws like they had been, Expo, Flightmodes... whatever

    4. You are done!

    Do not use the assistant, do not remap the output mapping, the P-BUS mapping or the gyro settings. All this things remain

  • Perfect-that's what i planned on the BUS>PWM converter remembers what output is assigned to what channel?

    about the gyro-if i want to do the gyro assistant (after i have assigned all the channels, modes, expo) can i run the gyro assistant if i want to use it to adjust things?

    thanks richard.

  • Hello,

    yes sure - the S:BUS converters don´t know from your TX change.

    I don´t recommend to use the assistant in a model which is already setup, it may swap output mapping. If you want to fine adjust single axis do that manually in the Gyro menu

  • Hello Richard

    I just tried to change over to CORE TX using PBR-26D RX

    Here is what i did

    1. Set all channels in CORE to same channel/servo as in Spektrum TX. If R Ail =channel 2 then I assigned R Ail to Servo 2. If Gear was chn 11 in Spektrum then it was servo 11 in CORE.

    2. Update Royal to 23.09 this is one of the Royals you converted to take 18 channels from Spektrum DSMX18K

    3. Update RX to 2.5

    4. Plug in RX to 1 and 2 on Royal and P2Bus on RX

    I don’t seems to have any control over anything. I even set up a new servo called 16 and assigned it to the elevator and put it as Direct 16 in the Royal and servo output A. Nothing.

    I removed and rebound RX two time and even tried to bind on fast track. That seemed to cause movement that was somewhat associated with stick movement but not really.

    I have used the TX on a prop plane with 2 PBR-9D and also on an EDF with a 9-D and a Igyro SAT. Worked great.

    I am wondering if there is something weird with these Royals since you have updated them a long time ago to all for my 18CHN Spektrum