SparkSwitch Pro - does it support native sbus for the throttle signal?

  • Hello,

    Does the SparkSwitch Pro support native sbus for the throttle signal? I see PWM signal to the receiver, but I figured I'd ask anyway, just in case. In the manual I see sbus2 is supported for telemetry for temp and rpm sensors, etc... But it also references channel 12 being used, not sure of the use of the channel. Lastly, in my current setup I'm using the RX batteries to power the ignition, does the SparkSwitch require a separate battery or can you power it from the RX battery system? Thank you in advance for your help.

  • Hello,

    first of all, I do not recommend powering SS by RX batteries, in some cases, it is really dangerous, interferences. You can use S.Bus2 for telemetry and for the controlling of SS.



  • Hi Rudi,

    Thank you for your input. I've been powering my current BECs for years off of the RX batteries & never had any problems. I'm more concerned about the SS specifically requiring a battery, that is what I need to understand. On my jets I also use the RX battery to power my gear. There is always quite a bit of debate about whether that makes sense to do or not, but again, never any problems either. I understand an ignition is quite different from a couple motors for the gear, but the BECs I've used previously have an optically isolated circuit to prevent interference or noise from getting back to the RX.

    Regarding sbus, I use a Futaba TX and their initial implementation of sbus2 was reserved for sensors, with native sbus being used exclusively for servos. I may have missed some recent update to the use of sbus. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Hello,

    an ignition is very different from a gear controller. There can come a lot of static discharge from an ignition.

    If you use the RX battery for the ignition you bridge the optical seperation which is a main feature in the SSP