• Good morning ... I have a cockpit srs and I can not download the latest update ... I attacked the Blucom as a manual and recognizes it but tells the "No Source Avaiable" application when downloading the file .... I put an Yach cable I have in the house by removing the signal wire from both communications but nothing to do ... RX must communicate with TX? The application is up to date ... Thank you so much X availability and courtesy^^

  • Hello,

    you have to remove the RX from RX2 input if there is one connected. Then select PC-Control in the PowerBox.

    Older PowerBoxes don´t work with the Bluecom. If you see no version number at the startup screen you have to send it to us for an update

  • Hello and thank you for replying quickly ... my powerbox is at least 5 years old and if I'm not mistaken the version is V21 ... I ask you for a courtesy .... if I sent it to you for an ' update could you also create me a hatch opening and closing sequence for an Mb339 ..? sorry but I just can't create an adequate one as I have to create additional tasks for the front hatches, which must remain open to the extension of the front leg, and I can not do them .... thank you very much for your availability and courtesy

  • ok thanks but then for the update how do I do? the control unit is doing a bit of a tantrum .... if I change the time to the doors in front of the nose the one under the left wing is out of order ... it is becoming unmanageable .... for do a general cleaning of the sequencer without disassembling it how can I do? thanks