GPS II Corupted / GPS & GPS II Diferences

  • Well, it looks as if I have as GPS II that is totally Bricked & Corrupted. The LED won't even come on while its plugged to the USB adapter & a battery, and the Rescue method doesn't even work at all. I can can send it in to PowerBox-Americas. Do you think it is reparable?

    It was going to be used in a foamy float plane (Horizon Hobby Turbo Timber) that I was converting over from a Spektrum system using a PBR-7S and an iGyro3e. I have a few of the original GPS's that first came out years ago, but haven't used since.

    Can I use the old GPS with the IGyro3e (V.016) in the interim until I get more GPS II's? What would be the change / loss in performance if I did so?


  • Hello,

    in that case, when you got during setup communication error, was corrupted device firmware. What Terminal you're using please? Before you will send device to repair/reflash, try it in Windows Terminal, if you have USB adapter, or if you're using iOS Mobile terminal, download the 3.25 version and try it. If you are using Android version, then unfortunately new version with rescue mode improvement will be released at end of this week, in Android is not the latest version.

    Let me know



  • When updating GPSII (from V15-V16) with latests PB Terminal it stopped at 34% and after 4 hours i terminated it. Thereafter green led death and no update possible.Giving rescue mode but unable to update.

  • hi, please try rescue mode again:

    1. power up GPSII, use Y-cable

    2. start terminal and connect USB adapter to GPSII - second port of Y, GPS II must be powered up

    3. choose accessories and GPS II, wait 3 sec, rescue mode should start, if boot loader is not corrupted

    let me know if it works


  • Hello, thx for your reply:

    1-It comes into the Rescue mode.

    2-Selected Update from file : V1.6

    Gives Corrupted FW.

    3-When selecting Start update it remains in.


    I see s lot of throubles with this Update on this GPS part.


  • Generally, unfortunately, it can happen, when the file downloaded from the internet to disk storage is corrupted. For some reason, exists a lot of reasons, mainly in Windows. Windows 10 count with this case, and is checking the files used for Windows update before loading it into memory for processing of update.

    We had a discussion on how we will able to prevent those cases, even it is not critical, not so often, but can happen, and always it is not so great sending corrupted devices for updates of the firmware.

    We will use it in the next version of all apps method, which will check the validity of the firmware file downloaded from the internet, not only checking the checksum but validating the content. The update process will be a little bit longer, but not in a significant way, mainly, the risk of the corrupted devices will be eliminated, and that's the main target.