Mercury/ Core and mercury telemetry.

  • Hello,

    I’m converting my model from Futaba sbus over to the core.

    I have two problems

    1) I cannot get mercury telemetry to the core

    2) I’m confused which settings on the receiver and the mercury I should set.

    I have my two 26D set to output s-bus and they are connected via fast track/data to the mercury.

    The mercury is set to Tx settings -sbus

    I have a Vspeak ECU converter attached to p2bus on A 26D and this telemetry is working.

    I connect to mercury telemetry to the p2bus port and rescan sensors.

    This doesn’t work.

    I have tried this more than 50cm from the model.

    Second question, probably related....

    On the 26D menu, I can choose, sbus, SRXL and fastrack.

    Which is recommended?

    On the mercury there are many options in Tx settings, but there is not a fast track option. I see p2 bus however.

    But then I’d need to use the p2bus port on my 26D....which makes the fastrack port unnecessary.

    I am hoping to fly the core tomorrow for the first time so this is fairly urgent.

  • Hello,

    Just look in your Mercury (latest software) and set it to P²-BUS. Then connect it to P²-BUS from the receiver.

    No need for the FastTrack port or any Bus system settings.

  • I’ll try that.

    But what is the point of the fastrack/data port?

    Surely this means rather than using both ports on the receivers, I’m going to have multiple Y leads into the p2bus port.

    One 26D will be using a p2bus port to the mercury.

    The other 26D will have connections to

    1) the mercury

    2) mercury telemetry

    3) vspeak telemetry

    4) any other telemetry I use in the future...

    What am I missing?

  • No,

    please make it as described.

    - You don´t need a extra telemetry cable

    - Fastrack stays empty for Mercruy, it´s if you want to use a iGyro Sat in a receiver standalone application or if you need S.BUS for other gyros or powerBoxes

    - V-Speak and other telemetry can be connected with Y-harness also to P²-BUS